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Half Life The Volcano is a mod using the rebirth engine, a massively modificated goldsrc engine. It features almost all characters from official Half-Life MODs such as Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Decay, , CS CZ : Deleted Scenes but also from other MODs : Paranoia, Rebirth and so on.

Half-Life Rebirth official website (Arrangement now called) : CLICK ME

 We currently released the Alpha Version of the MOD !


10:15 AM Volcano Complex Sector G-2

Location : Africa


Volcano Complex is an industrial laboratory inside a huge Vulcano in the African state of Libya. Its purpose is to use the properties and thermic energy of the volcano for different experiments which include some on surviving species from the Black Mesa nuclear blast.

The game should start with a cutscene showing a weird experiment in The Volcano Complex.


8:30 AM Groot Kelder (1:45 h before the experiment failure)

Locatia : Libya


The main character of the game is Mike Johnson, a 32 year old scientist hired at Groot Kelder ,a secret laboratory which deals with experiments on alien species. 

At the beginning Mike is on his way to work and he witnessed an unforeseen incident in Accelerator Complex : the ground started to shake and the lab was falling apart. Mike faints,but remains alive thanks to his HEV suit.

As a result to the catastrophe many sectors and exit areas from the lab were blocked, Mike has to find his way out wandering through Groot Kelder, many of its areas being not familiar with him.

After a long way and many death-close experiences , Mike meets two scientists which knew what caused the Groot Kelder explosion : an unknown and very powerful virus has breached the Volcano Complex system  which caused the accelerator to go beyond its limits.

 "What? That's all?" Well no ...,but we wouldn't like to spoil it here...after we come out with a beta version the full storyline will be here.